• Hyunmi susu juk[porridge]

    Hyunmi susu juk is made of local products and medicinal crops such as , sorghum, sesamum indicum, roots, acorus gramineus soland, radix ophiophogonis, and dried kelp.

  • Andong Chamma juk[porridge]

    Andong Chamma juk is one good nutrient-rich meal as an energy supplement food for the young, the old, the sick and babies.

  • Yulmu jo nokdu juk[porridge]

    Yulmu-jo-nokdu juk is a good nourishing diet meal for women made of coix, millet, mung beans, perilla frurescens, carrots, onions and so on.

Hyunmi susu juk Andong Chamma juk Yulmu jo nokdu juk